10 Simple Things That Can Cause Headaches

10 Causes of Headaches

The causes of headaches are not only high blood pressure, stress or brain disorders that can lead to headaches, but simple things like perfume or food can cause headaches that interfere.

10 Simple Things That Can Cause Headaches, among others:
  1. Hot air.
  2. Pungent aroma. Like the scent of paint, perfume and some types of flowers.
  3. Hair ties, braid or use a headband that is too tight. Because connective tissue causing scalp tighten.
  4. Excessive physical exercise activity, especially for migraine sufferers.
  5. Movement or posture is wrong. Eg phone clamped between ear and shoulder, sat down with a chair without a back buffer, the visibility is too close or too far away (eg, on a monitor or TV).
  6. Substance tyramine. Or substances contained in the food manufacturing process takes a long time, for example cheese. The longer the food manufacturing process, the more tyramine content. Tyramine are also widely available on alcoholic beverages, and alcohol can also increase blood pressure to the brain that make you more dizzy.
  7. Skip meals. This causes blood sugar levels to decline. On an empty stomach, avoid eating sweet foods, especially sweets, because it will aggravate blood sugar levels. Not to mention in patients with gastritis, late meals can trigger acid reflux and can give the effect of a headache.
  8. Dehydration. Lack of fluids can also have an impact on the balance of the cells in our body, which can give a manifestation of headache.
  9. Cigarette smoke. Nicotine contained therein causes narrowing of blood vessels in the brain. Especially for patients with migraine, the smoke will cause extreme pain, even will also affect the eyes and nose.
  10. Excessive caffeine consumption.

Try to avoid the top 10 causes of headaches off above in your everyday life. As for some of the tips that can be done to prevent the headaches that arise again, is:
  1. Manage your stress well, for example by doing meditation or massage.
  2. Sports. Walking is a fitting choice, as with walking, movement of the hand that rocks will make the neck and shoulder muscles become more relaxed.
  3. Eating regularly will keep your blood sugar levels remain normal.
  4. Physical therapy.

Source : dr. Adhiatma Gunawan

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