Nursing Care Plan for Activity Intolerance Related To Generalized Weakness

Nursing Care Plan for Activity Intolerance Related To Generalized Weakness

Activity Intolerance related to Generalized Weakness, imbalance between supply and demand of O2.

Goal: Activities of patients are met.

Expected outcomes: Clients can participate in activities at the desired / required, reported an increase in tolerance activity can be measured.


1. Assess the patient's tolerance to the activity by using the parameters: frequency pulse, noted an increase in blood pressure, dyspnea, or chest pain, severe fatigue and weakness, sweating, dizziness or fainting.
R/ : Parameter indicates the patient's physiological response to stress, activity, and indicators of the degree of influence of overwork / heart.

2. Assess readiness to increase the activity, ie a decrease of weakness / fatigue, stable blood pressure, pulse frequency, increased attention to the activities and self-care.
R /: Stability physiological rest is essential to advance the level of individual activities.

3. Encourage promote activity / tolerance of self-care.
R /: myocardial oxygen consumption during various activities can increase the amount of oxygen available. The progress of the activity gradually to prevent a sudden increase in heart work.

4. Provide assistance as needed and encourage the use of bath seats, brushing teeth / hair by sitting and so on.
R /: How energy savings to lower energy use and thus help balance supply and oxygen demand.

5. Encourage the patient to choose the period of participation in the activity.
R /: As the schedule increases tolerance to the progress of the activity and prevent weakness.

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