Impaired Skin Integrity and Disturbed Body Image related to Blepharitis

Nursing Diagnosis and Interventions for Blepharitis

Impaired Skin Integrity related to inflammatory processes in the skin glands of eyelashes

Goal: Increase in skin integrity repair / healing wounds

with outcomes:
  • The scales are reduced.
  • Itching reduced to disappear.
  • Ulcer condition improved.

  1. Clean the eyelid area regularly and every day.
  2. Use aseptic technique, patient or nurse raised crusting, scaling.
  3. Compress the edge of the eyelid with warm water 3 times or as needed.
  4. Collaboration antibiotics and topical steroids for cases caused by a bacterial infection.

Rationale :
  1. Carefully cleaning each day will keep cleaning the eyelid so that wounds heal faster.
  2. Aseptic technique will prevent more severe irritation / contact with the bacteria.
  3. Compress clean the edge of the eyelid crusting / scaling.
  4. Prevent further infection and reduce inflammation.

Disturbed Body Image related to changes in physical conditions: the lashes fall out and are not replaced with new ones, the yellow crusts.

Goal: The patient does not feel embarrassed and can adjust to the physical condition

with outcomes:
  • Indicates acceptance of the conditions themselves.
  • Actively participate in the therapy program.
  1. Establish a therapeutic relationship between nurses and patients.
  2. Encourage the patient to express feelings.
  3. Identify the role of the patient's problems today.
  4. Encourage the patient to live in recognition of its own.

Rationale :
  • With the therapeutic relationship, the patient will feel appreciated and more open.
  • With storytelling will be able to reduce the burden on the client's feelings.
  • To know the problems of the client.
  • Help improve the confidence of clients.

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