Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

The importance of eating well-balanced meals cannot be over-emphasized in the life of a pregnant woman.

Eating a well balanced diet does not have to put a hole in the pocket. It just means taking the essential nutrients of carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins and minerals in the right proportions.

Eat the right foods and you can enjoy the many benefits of good health, including confidence in knowing that you're providing the absolute best for your baby.

(1) Raw Eggs -

Try to avoid eating raw eggs or any raw-egg containing foods because of bacteria causing food poisoning known as salmonella.

This health condition associated with diseases like typhoid fever and gastroenteritis.

Pasteurized eggs are better in food recipe than the unpasteurized.

(2) Raw Meat -

All uncooked and rare beef, pork, chicken meat or even sea foods should be steer clear.

All these foods can expose you and your baby to salmonella; coli form bacteria, brucellosis and all kinds of dangerous micro-organisms.

(3) Deli Meat -

Avoid eating deli meats known to be contaminated with listeria which may cause miscarriage and sometimes, premature birth.

Avoid unpasteurized milk, refrigerated pates and meat spreads.

(4) Alcohol -

There is no level or amount of alcohol that is good or safe for pregnancy.

There should be a total abstinence from alcohol even at post-parturition.

Alcohol consumption at pregnancy can result into child abnormalities and defects.

(5) Fish like king mackerel, shark, swordfish and tile fish are rich in mercury.

Mercury consumption at pregnancy has been associated with brain damage and developmental delays in babies.

Best Acne Treatment – On the Basis of Medical

However, these pills are one of the Best Acne Treatment, although it has some side effects so it’s advisory to take such medication only with doctor’s prescription.

Best Acne Treatment on medical basis. By the dermatologist is prescribed to the appropriate type of acne. Often, a patient prescribed a set of pills, both internal and external use.

Regardless of the chosen method of treatment, the results pursued treatment, will only be achieved after three - four weeks. It should also be remembered that the treatment of neglected forms of acne, its duration will be much larger, and the first results will only be felt after six months.

One of the best acne treatment on medical basis drug used to treat acne, are synthetic retinoid - derivatives of retinoic acid. These substances have many useful properties of vitamin A; they help regulate production of sebum, thereby affecting its quality.

Another best Acne treatment, which is used in order to chalet acne is benzyl peroxide and azelaic acid. If the patient is contraindicated for these pills, you may appoint antibacterial means, or antibiotics such as erythromycin.

Best acne treatment on medical basis used anti-androgenic pills, which help stabilize the allocation of male hormones.

Women are also prescribed hormonal contraceptives. This achieves two important facts: First, there is exclusion of the possibility of unwanted pregnancy, and secondly, is receiving treatment and prevention of acne.

In such cases, the use of the pill should be appointed gynecologist.

Anxiety Relief Tips

1. Identify the "trigger" that causes your anxiety - It could have been an unexpected expense or even an injury in the family. If this is the case, you can respond productively to this situation to take some pressure off of yourself.

2. Take a relaxing hot bath - Add some music, and a glass of your favorite beverage. This is the perfect way to forget about everything for the one hour that you spend in the bath tub. Taking a nice hot bath can also increase levels of calmness, hence decreasing the chances we are likely to be stressed.

3. Leave town for the weekend - Take the whole week off of work if you can! This is also another way to take your mind off of things for a few days. Don't bring your cell phone either, bringing it can be a reminder for all your unfinished tasks. Your tasks can wait.

4. Get a massage - If you have a partner, get a massage from him/her. Getting a massage can be very relaxing and intimate between you and your partner. However it is also quite addictive, although that isn't always a bad thing.

5. Deep breathing - This is the single most used technique in the world for relieving anxiety. It combats feelings of stress and invigorates the mind/body.

6. Meditation - This is a popular method, because it works. It helps to clear your mind and creates a quiet happy place where you can focus on your thoughts and use this time to sort them out.

7. Spend a full week away from the television - This may be a hard one for many, but it is definitely something that can be done. Television fills the mind with negativity, and gives you a distorted reality, showing you everything in the world that is associated with negative thoughts. Watching things like murders, violence, war, and famines does you no good and certainly does not help to relieve anxiety!

Anxiety is something that nobody should constantly suffer from. With active cooperation and self involvement, using these tips you can help yourself to become stress-free!

Impaired Gas Exchange - Heart Failure

Impaired Gas Exchange related to pulmonary congestion secondary change in alveolar capillary membrane and fluid retention interstisiil.

Maintain adequate ventilation and oxygenation in

Action :
  • Assess the respiratory work (frequency, rhythm, sound and depth)
  • Provide additional Oxygenation 6 liters / minute
  • Monitor saturation (oximetry) PH, BE, HCO3
  • Correction of acid-base balance
  • Give a position that allows clients improve lung expansion. (Semi-Fowler)
  • Prevent atelectasis by exercising effective coughing and deep breathing
  • Perform fluid balance
  • Limit fluid intake
  • Eavluasi radiographic pulmonary congestion through

Rational :
  • To determine the effectiveness of gas exchange function.
  • To increase the concentration of oxygen in the gas exchange process.
  • To determine the level of oxygenation in tissues as a result of the adequacy of gas exchange process.
  • Prevent acidosis which can aggravate respiratory function.
  • Enhance lung expansion
  • Heavy congestion will worsen perukaran process gas so the impact on the onset of hypoxia.
  • Increases contractility of heart muscle that can decimate Odem thus prevents the onset of gas exchange impairment.
Impaired Gas Exchange - Heart Failure

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Nursing Care Plan for Cardiac Decompensation

Keeping Tabs on your Blood Glucose Levels

Your body is a very complicated machine. In order for you to feel your best, all of your various systems must be functioning in a fairly normal range. When something goes wrong with your circulatory system, your lungs, kidneys or any other vital component, your body will be put under some stress. You may have very noticeable symptoms or you may not even be aware that there is a problem.

One such problem that sometimes is misdiagnosed or goes undetected is high blood sugar levels. In most normal people, the body produces the proper amount of insulin to regulate your sugar or blood glucose levels. When your body does not produce enough insulin or can not break down sugars, you may be suffering from diabetes. Undiagnosed diabetes can be one of the most destructive diseases out there. The good news is that there are ways to manage and even reverse the effects of Type II or Adult Onset Diabetes.

So, what is a normal blood sugar range? Blood glucose is measured in mg/dl. You should measure your blood sugar when fasting. While there is no exact perfect number, an acceptable or good range is between 90-130 mg/dl for adults. For young children, under 12, the range is a bit broader, from approximately 90-180 mg/dl.

If your blood glucose levels are consistently well above or well below the acceptable range, most people will not feel very well. If your blood sugar is too low (below 70), you may feel dizzy, thirsty and you can have long term problems with such things as circulation, stroke or heart disease. High sugar levels (200 and up) can make you sick to your stomach, sweat profusely, become incoherent and also damage your other organs.

Most people with early stage Type II Diabetes can control the problem by losing weight and eating a better diet. Too many carbohydrates and refined sugars are a major cause of concern. One should try to eat vegetables, fruit, whole grains and nuts. Many studies have shown a Mediterranean Diet to be a very effective diet for those needing to control blood sugar levels. In addition to eating right, exercise is also very important. If you can not control your sugar with diet and exercise, you may need to take insulin or other prescription drugs to manage your diabetes and glucose levels.

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Routine Chiropractic Care Including Applied Kinesiology Contributes To Improving Wellness

Health is wealth is what they always say. Indeed, health is certainly one of the things where we must give more attention. When you are ill, life can come to an idle. An irresponsible way of life and negligence to health similar aspects will take a heavy toll with your physical health in the end. There has been a build up with the variety of diseases different from the past. The rise in the high demand for NYC Chiropractors adds to the statement of this fact. Especially, in a usual urban life where everyone is on the run, even having one meal is difficult. To heighten the issue several junk food outlets have mushroomed in the city, appropriate to people who want things instantaneously.

The NYC Chiropractor speaks at length about a number of fascinating things. Sometimes, the truths that the chiropractor tells might be dreadful news flash for you. Frequently, mindlessly and due to ignorance, people decide on a poor lifestyle, which little will they realize will affect them in the future. Frequent sickness and obesity are a few physical signs, which wake you up to work on your health. The two best means to gain perfect health and wellness in mind and body is by dieting and exercising consistently. The NYC Chiropractor will always guarantee for such basic solutions.

Though diet plans and exercise may might seem to be appealing and hopeful, unless of course you are not swayed and unwavering, no modifications could be observed. Dieting demands abstaining from a particular kind of foods calls for discipline. If you are powerless to confine yourselves within these policies, then no change will be visible. The NYC Chiropractors who are certified in Applied Kinesiology are the best resources who could help you with this. They will guide you and present you with helpful tips that would direct you towards your objective. It might not be an overstatement to say that integrating chiropractic care as a vital aspect in your life will keep every attainable illness at bay.

Skilled NYC Chiropractors say that your musculoskeletal systems require regular chiropractic care to keep a good health. You would not need to return to your sick bed with severe headaches or excruciating pains. Every muscles of your body would be strengthened and this way you would be more immune to any aches in your joints. One main hindrance is people's attitudes. The vast majority of them start drawing conclusions on their own with the limited knowledge they have. They become their own doctors and deal with their body themselves. Although at times, it may work in a way, typically it leads to serious repercussions. Perhaps even the whiplash, a typical neck injury, can leave behind serious injuries, especially in the brain. Therefore, it is often recommend that you meet the NYC Chiropractor when met up with an accident.

According to the leading NYC Chiropractors, integrated nutrition is a wonderful way towards sustaining a good health. Intricate care should be obtained when it comes to intake of food. If you might like to take expert help in this matter, preferably a NYC Chiropractor will do justice. Intensive counseling is available with the chiropractors at affordable prices.

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Pain Management: Natural Ways to Ease Your Pain

People with chronic pain are always looking for ways to manage or ease their pain in safer and more natural ways. Both over-the-counter and prescription pain medication are starting to be unpopular choices among those who are suffering from chronic pain. This is due to the possibilities of getting addicted to pain medications because of long-term use. People have also grown wary about the side effects of over-the-counter medications such as damage to the liver, stomach bleeding and ulcers. The current trend in pain management is avoiding taking too much pain medication and engaging instead in activities and alternative procedures which are also known to ease and reduce pain but without the ugly side effects. This shift to more harmless and natural ways of managing pain are even encouraged by pain management specialists.

This is why pain management clinics now offer alternative options in handling pain. Among the most popular are deep-tissue massages, chiropractic, regular exercise and herbal and dietary supplements. All these options are universally and widely accepted because of the health benefits that they provide. Even if they do not necessarily cure or treat pain instantly, no one doubts their long-term positive effects on the body. Best of all, these pain management options have no negative or harmful side effects.

Massages have been known to relax the body and treat common illnesses and pains. A regular massage, especially a deep-tissue massage, can stimulate pressure points in muscles and tissues. Applying moderate pressure to these points can greatly reduce or prevent the sensation of pain in that area. This is also the same concept used in chiropractic and yoga. Stimulating the right points using moderate pressure seems to be the key which is why it is important to make sure that your therapist or chiropractor is well-trained.

No one can argue about the benefits that one gets out of regular exercise. All persons, whether or not in pain, should regularly exercise to stay fit, to improve their health or to remedy certain diseases and conditions. Exercise resolves a whole range of illnesses and conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, sleeping disorders and arthritis, among others. Many if not most of these ailments cause chronic pain. It is a known fact that people who exercise more are less likely to experience or suffer from chronic pain.

Another alternative to pain medications is the taking of herbal and dietary supplements. This pain management option is slowly gaining popularity also because of other health benefits that are provided by these supplements. Pain management specialists and most doctors have admitted to the usefulness and effectiveness of these supplements in restoring and maintaining balance and order in the body. They should not, however, be mistaken for cure or treatment. They aid the body by replenishing nutrients and repairing damage. The process though takes several weeks or even months before anyone can start to see any sign of improvement. Others who are not too keen on waiting for results prefer to revert to over-the-counter pain medications.

Pain Management ~ How Our Mind Affects Our Experience

Animals are amazing teachers. I'm a 'critter lover' to the core, and always have been. So it's not surprising that I've had lots of them in my life. It's also not surprising that I've had my share of injuries, ailments, and accidents to deal with. The most recent was about a year ago, when I rescued a dog that was nearly dead. He had the most horrible infection in his paw, that had traveled up his leg and was spreading through his body. He was in terrible shape, so much that the Doc wasn't really sure if we were going to be able to 'fix' it. So, we went through the usual course of tests, etc., and he fixed us up with meds to help eradicate the infection. My job was to soak, clean and dress the wound on his paw, and administer the meds twice daily.

The dog, whose name is Buddy, was the most patient, trusting soul I'd ever had to doctor. Every day, for more than 2 months, I'd unwrap the paw, soak it in a tub of warm water and salts, then dry it off, put some goop on it and rewrap. Buddy never moved an inch. He'd lie there, so patiently, and let me do what I had to do. My cat would always sit right beside him, leaning up against some part of his body, while I talked to him and did my 'job'.

The thing I noticed throughout was that he never showed any signs of mental distress. He didn't whine or cringe or shy away from me. And he most certainly didn't try to avoid the task. To me, it felt as if he knew that I was trying to help him heal and he was grateful for it. No agonizing over the process. No stressing out. Just plain old trust and patience.

By the time he'd healed, I had come to understand that the difference between him and me was that the mental part of the pain was absent. He didn't increase his pain by thinking about his ailments. He didn't do things that would aggravate the situation. He simply allowed me to attend to him and rested a lot. He slept, and ate, and eventually began playing with all the toys I had for him. Pretty soon, he was good as new. What could have been a life-ending infection turned out to be completely eliminated with love and attention.

Humans? Well, we don't do it that way. We may have pain or illness or dis-ease, and we focus on it so much, we ultimately increase the discomfort for all the thinking about it. We aren't moving toward wellness at all. We're increasing and prolonging the process because of our psychological focus on the malady. In other words, we think ourselves into the pain, and stay there. How dumb is that?

If there's anything I've learned from all this, it is that the only way to move past pain and into wellness is to release the psychological focus and turn that focus toward the vision of wellness. As simple as this sounds, it's not as easy to do (for some). We must learn to let go of the mental aspects of our maladies and settle into the peaceful place of wellness. We must take time, every single day, to lie still and quiet the mind. We must 'see' ourselves well in order to BE well. Staying fixated on the 'issue' is like ripping the stitches out of a gash every time you look at it. Is it going to heal? Not likely. But, using that same analogy, consider how magnificent the body really is. You cut yourself or break a bone or bump your head really hard. All you have to do is clean out the cut, or set the bone, or ice the bump and then....let the body do it's job. Presto. All better. Yes?

And so it is with pain. Rather than reaching for the bottle of pain killers, we could lie still, breathe deeply and relax into it. It doesn't take long at all for the pain to diminish (and even disappear). In fact, it takes less time to diminish pain with meditation than it does with any pill. I know. I've been there. Unless you've got liquid Demerol and a needle to inject it into your bloodstream, it's going to take a while for the meds to take affect. Doesn't it make sense to use your own 'meds'?

Let go of the psychological aspects of your malady. Let go of the fear and the doubt and the worry. Just relax and breathe. Relax and breathe. Your body has trillions of cells with their own individual consciousness. Those cells know what to do. All YOU have to do is LET THEM do their job. Relax. Breathe. Let go.

The Most Important Nutrients for Women

With all the fad diets targeted at women, healthy eating has become a perplexed concept. This is because the diets confuse what nutritious eating really means. The following are the most important nutrients for women's health.


Women need an adequate amount of calcium for breast and bone health. Osteoporosis is common in women because they typically do not get enough calcium. The best way to get calcium, and all nutrients for that matter, is through the food that is consumed. Low-fat and low-sugar dairy products, such as milk (or soy milk), yogurt (namely Greek yogurt), and cheese are all high in calcium. Women should also make sure they take a multivitamin daily that has a high percentage of calcium, especially if they do not eat and drink dairy foods every day.

Pure Water

Drinking lots of water every day is recommended for several reasons. For one, it is hydrating, which keeps people alive and healthy. It also flushes toxins out of the body, which prevents sicknesses and encourages well-being. It is theorized that it also prevents types of cancer, such as breast cancer. Pure water is the best, and either spring or filtered water will suffice. When pure water is consumed, the body gets what it needs in the exact form it needs it in, and that is best for bodily functions. More activity and/or a larger body require more water.

Complex Carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates provide the most vitamins and fiber, satisfy hunger for the longest length of time, and are low in calories. Vegetables and whole grains are the best sources of complex carbohydrates. As far as vegetables, green - and especially, leafy - vegetables are the most beneficial. With grains, whole wheat is the most nutritious. Complex carbohydrates are filling and satisfying, because the body is getting substantial nutrients, so it stops sending signals to the brain that it is hungry. This is good for weight management, which prevents heart disease and other conditions.

Protein and Iron

Women naturally have less muscle mass than men, so in order to preserve their muscle, enough protein must be consumed. The best sources are fish, chicken, pork, eggs, nuts, beans, and tofu. Vegetarians must put extra effort into getting sufficient protein in their diet. Additionally, meat has a large amount of iron in it, which is especially important during menstruation.

Those are the most vital nutrients to include in a woman's diet. Although there are others, those four are the most significant and important. Eating and drinking nutritiously will guarantee a healthy body and mind.

DPL - Deep Penetrating LED Light Therapy System

DPL - Deep Penetrating LED Light Therapy System

by The Wright Stuff

DPL - Deep Penetrating LED Light Therapy System

Product Description

Color: Black
LED Technologies DPL, Deep Penetrating LED Light Therapy System, provides a proprietary light wave design that penetrates deep into the skin to erase the appearance of aging, fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and crow's feet.Deep Penetrating Light Therapy is an affordable, natural, and healthy way to look younger without surgery, lasers, peels or injections.The DPL System can also aid wound healing and pain relief for sore, aching joints. Efficiently treat minor muscle and joint aches, minor sprains, minor back pain, muscle spasms and minor pain and stiffness associated with arthritis.An easily adjustable, strapping system helps you place one or both panels almost anywhere on your body allowing you to comfortably relieve pain and stiffness while relaxing, reading or watching TV.Each DPL Deep Penetrating Light Therapy System includes two removable LED panels, a stand, and both quick start and user guides to help you get your treatment started. Most users begin to see and feel results after a few 9 minute treatments, but for full results, it is recommended you use the DPL Light Therapy System for approximately 10 weeks. DPL has been shown to work on all skin types with a 90 percent success rate. For pain relief applications, the DPL Deep Penetrating Light Therapy System can be used on any part of the body.DPL - Deep Penetrating LED Light Therapy System Features:Non-Invasive Approach To Anti-Aging and Pain Management.Minimizes the appearance of fine lines a

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Chiropractic Massage Treatment Table in Blue

Chiropractic Massage Treatment Table in Blue

by Master Massage

Chiropractic Massage Treatment Table in Blue

Product Description

46668 Features: -Chiropractic massage treatment table. -Color: Blue. -Includes ergonomic dream 6-way adjustable face cradle, matched pillow with a layer for memory foam, alternate solid head rest, adjustable and removable arm rest, adjustable and removable forearm shelves at either end of table for guaranteed comfort, paper roll holder. -Steel frame. -Positioning capability. -Height can be effortlessly adjusted from 17'' to 36'' with the touch of a button, 4-piece back and knee lift sections optimize the client's position for best results. -Deluxe size 30'' and 2.5'' thick small cell foam support largest clients comfortably and safely. -6-Way adjustable face cradle, ergonomically designed face port, alternate solid head rest and removable arm rests, brings unlimited possibilities to your practices. -UL listed motors. -Ships fully assembled. -CFC-free, oil and waterproof upholstery with strong denim-like reinforcement backing for extra durability. -Leg pads are screw jack adjustable for perfect leveling. -Ergonomically designed built-in face port. -ADA Compliant. -Four powered adjustable sections. -2.5'' Exclusive small cell foam. -2 Years warranty. Specifications: -Tilt top section: 30'' x 26'', raises up to 45 degrees, built-in face port. -Knee lift section: 30'' x 19'', raises up to 30 degrees. -Weight capacity: 800 lbs. -Dimensions: 17''-36'' H x 30'' W x 72''-84'' D.

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Master Massage 32" Titan Lx - Perfect for Large Clients!

by Master

Product Description

Made with your Larger Clients in Mind! Widest table on the Market! Solid Ash (Baseball Bat Wood) Construction! The Gibraltar Massage Table by Master® is about revolutionary size and strength! At 32" wide with oversized solid Ash Wood legs and DOUBLE THICKNESS bed it's weight capacity is 3,200 lb.! The cushion is 3" of thick Small CellTM foam with a generous layer of Memory Foam. The Gibraltar Massage Table is NOT light but IS wildly strong AND SUPER comfortable for all clients. At 55 lb, the Gibraltar is 'foldable and not so "portable", but is the STRONGEST and MOST COMFORTABLE table made for ANY client. Other features are the soft but super tough Italia upholstery, our famous "Ergonomic Dream Adjustable Face Cradle", a Comfort Bolster, a strong and comfortable armrest shelf, the world's best 2-pocket carrying case and all of the Master® construction features. The Gibraltar is without question the strongest, most comfortable table in the world. If these things are important to you then this is your table PACKAGE INCLUDES: FREE Ergonomic Dream adjustable face cradle with memory foam face pillow FREE Oversized arm shelf that is fully adjustable for guaranteed comfort FREE Professional 2-pocket carrying case with adjustable shoulder strap, cross-body carrying handles and outside storage compartments FREE Comfort bolster for additional support FREE 4 CD set of soothing massage music FREE 75 of our soft and disposable face pillow covers.

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Impaired physical mobility for Stroke

Nursing Diagnosis for Stroke

Impaired physical mobility related to neuromuscular damage, weakness, hemiparese
Goal :
  • The patient demonstrated active mobilization
Expected outcomes :
  • No contractures or foot drop
  • Improved muscle contraction
  • Gradual mobilization
Nursing Interventions Impaired physical mobility for Stroke
  • Monitor the client’s level of ability to mobilize
  • Monitor muscle strength
  • Change position every 2 hours
  • Trochanter roll pairs in the weak areas
  • Perform passive or active ROM within your means and if vital signs stable
  • Involve families in mobilizing the client
  • Collaboration: physiotherapy

Nursing Diagnosis for Heart Failure

Nursing Diagnosis for Heart Failure

Ineffective airway clearance for Stroke

Ineffective airway clearance related to the buildup of sputum (due to weakness, loss of cough reflex)


* Patients are able to maintain a patent airway

Expected outcomes:

* Vesicular breath sounds
* Normal respiratory rate
* No signs of cyanosis and pallor
* No sputum

Nursing Interventions Ineffective airway clearance for Stroke

* Auscultation of breath sounds
* Measure vital signs
* Give the semi-Fowler position as needed (do not conflict with other nursing problems)
* Perform suction mucus and plug the OPA if decreased consciousness
* When it is possible to do chest physiotherapy and breathing exercises
* Collaboration:
o Oxygen delivery
o Laboratory: Analysis of blood gases, complete blood etc.
o Giving medication as needed.

Imbalanced Nutrition: Less Than Body Requirements Nursing Diagnosis for Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Imbalanced Nutrition: Less Than Body Requirements related to :

  • Weakness
  • Frequent cough / sputum production
  • Anorexia
  • Insufficiency of financial resources

Expected outcomes :

  • Showed an increase in body weight
  • Shows changes in behavior / lifestyle to improve / maintain the right weight

Nursing Interventions Imbalanced Nutrition: Less Than BodyRequirements for Pulmonary Tuberculosis

  • Record the patient’s nutritional status on admission, record theskin turgor, weight loss, oral mucosal integrity, the ability to swallow, a history of nausea / vomiting or diarrhea
  • Make sure the patient’s usual diet
  • Supervise the input and expenditure and weight periodically
  • Investigate anorexia, nausea, vomiting and note a possible relationship with drugs
  • Encourage and provide frequent rest periods.
  • Provide oral care before and after the act of breathing.
  • Encourage small and frequent meals with foods high in proteinand karbohodrat.
  • Encourage the person nearest to bring food from home.
  • Collaboration dietitian to determine the composition of the diet.
  • Consult with respiratory therapy to the treatment schedule 1-2 hours before and after meals.
  • Supervise laboratory examination
  • Collaboration of antipyretic therapy

Nanda Nursing Diagnosis Hepatitis - Impaired skin integrity

Impaired skin integrity related to pruritis
Expected outcome
  • Demonstrates improved skin integrity-intake skin with no evidence of excoriation for infection, decrease scrathing, no prurutis.
Nursing Intervention Impaired Skin Integrity for Hepatitis
  • Use starch or baking soda baths, soothing lotions such as calamine.
  • Administer cholestyramin (questran) to promote fecal excretion of bile salts to decrease itching .
  • Administer antihistamines, transquilizers, and sedatives if prescribed.
  • Assist the patient to divent the patien in reducing the strong tendency to scrach his skin :
    • encourage activities to divent the patient attention
    • keep nails trimmed and clean
    • Avoid excessive top bleeding
    • Give sooting massage, particular at night in prepering the patient for sleep, since this is a time when he is specially likely to scrach.
    • Provide the client with gloves to use at night if the patient scratches during sleep.

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